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Best Recipes For Grass-Fed Meats in Toowoomba

At Uniplaza Meats in Toowoomba, we know that our grass-fed meats make every recipe taste better. We’ve collected some of our favourite recipes just for you featuring our quality beef, pork, lamb, and sausages. We love supporting our local farmers in the Darling Downs and sharing ways to make our products the center of your dinner table. Explore recipes below. 

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Classic Aussie Meat Pie Recipe

Add your grass-fed premium beef to this meat pie for an even heartier flavour. This recipe requires minimal ingredients and is easy for anyone to make. The best part is that it only takes an hour to make. 

Spicy Lamb Curry Recipe

This Sri Lankan curry with Uniplaza Meats’ premium lamb is sure to please. It’s hearty and healthy and packed with flavour and spice. This is the perfect dish to make for a chilly night in or to impress your guests.

Share Your Recipes With Us

Did you make something delicious with something you got from Uniplaza Meats? We want to hear about it, and I’m sure our other customers will thank you too. If you have suggestions for recipes we can add to our website, let us know!

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Quality Over Quantity

Our favourite thing about cooking with grass-fed meat is that you need a lot fewer ingredients to create a rich flavour. When your livestock is pasture-raised without hormones, antibiotics, it’s a lot more flavourful and tender. Once you try Uniplaza Meats, you’ll never go back.

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